Connection Introduction


Welcome to our Marriage eCourse!  This journey is going to be inspirational!  We hope to give you some really brave choices and options for your marriage.

God’s design for marriage works for every marriage and we want to share that with you during this eCourse.  We will be giving you some new thoughts, new ideas, some psychology and the Bible along with our own life stories.

We are so passionate about the marriage unit. Not only to be “making it” but thriving in a place that God had intended.  

We hope to equip you with the heart tools you need that will work in every relationship!

Some of the topics we will cover in this eCourse include:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Vulnerability
  • Perspective
  • Conflict
  • Boundaries
  • Identity
  • Values

God has such great things in store for your marriage!  Thank you for joining us, for being willing and being brave.

In this session we will discuss Connection. Connection is the foundation of health and healing in marriage. Everywhere we look, people are in need of greater connection.  

Almost all divorce starts with disconnection. Disconnection is a choice to not move close to each other, but a choice to move away. It may be a passive choice, but choosing not to take time to connect is still a choice. We have so much on our plates, we have to be intentional and have to focus to make this work.  Be intentional!

Having a healthy connection in marriage is so important!  A healthy connection in marriage is designed to lead to positive fruit in all areas of your life.  With connection, marriage can be all God has designed it to be: a gift, a blessing, a source of life!  

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