Welcome to the Prophetic 101 Mini eCourse! We are so thankful that you are joining us. This is a sample portion of the Prophetic 101 eCourse that will be available soon.

You will be mentored by Shawn Bolz during this course, and he will teach and guide you through practical ways to mature within the prophetic. Two of the core values Shawn will be reviewing are qualifying what you already know and not exaggerating or lying when giving a word. Honesty is very important within the life of a Christian.

Have you ever wondered about how judgment prophecy can be applied today? What about negative things to be aware of within the prophetic that can impact your life and the lives of those you’re ministering to? You will learn about both topics during this FREE mini eCourse.

Here is the breakdown of the mini eCourse:

  • Pitfalls within the prophetic and how to avoid them
  • Judgment prophecies
  • Prayer
  • Activation

We are so excited that you are starting this journey with us. We truly believe it will encourage and transform not only you, but the lives of those around you.

We bless your journey in growing in the prophetic.