Welcome to Modern Prophets!  I am so excited about this eCourse.  This eCourse will teach you how to administer this very useful toolset God Himself gave us of hearing His voice, of the prophetic, and of prophets in a very real way in your world.

I believe in the power of the prophetic, of the prophets, and of the prophetic ministry.  ⅓ of the Bible was dedicated to prophets or prophetic encounters. That means this is a big deal to God.  Throughout church history movements were made or broken on this subject. It’s one of the most profound subjects, because you learn so much about the character and nature of how God moves in the today and now.

How can we make the gift of prophecy, prophetic ministry, and prophets themselves applicable to our lives right now?  We have to learn to administrate, how to create models, and how to organize it so it’s not just something we are reacting to and hoping will happen.  We need to believe, in faith, and position our lives to receive words from God.

Good theology is crucial, but there is also practicality to the prophetic.  We need tools and access points for how to incorporate the prophetic into our daily spheres.  In this eCourse, we hope to give you these tools.

In this eCourse, we will break it into 3 major sections:

  1. Self Management
  2. Leading and Developing Others
  3. Administering the Prophetic

We are so happy you are on this journey with us!  Welcome to the era of Modern Prophets!