Intro to Translating God Mentoring Platform

Welcome to our online Mentoring Platform!

One of my favorite things in life is talking about the process of revelation, the prophetic journey, and seeing revelation made practical and useful in everyday lives. With this mentoring platform, we wanted to create a touch point for you to process your revelation, process your journey, hear our revelation to help you see yourself and your process. This will also help you not feel crazy as we pursue revelation. There is no normal in God.  Everyone is unique in how they hear from God. When you hear Him it makes you connect differently than if you don’t hear him. 

We hope through this online platform, you will feel nurtured in the prophetic. We hope you learn a lot about yourself, a lot about revelation, a lot about your own process, and you’ll get excited about other people's process as well. Let's go on a journey together.

Thank you for joining us! Let’s do this!